About me→

Living in Chicago but originally from Mexico, I’m José Pablo, a seasoned brand strategist blending storytelling and digital artistry. With over five years in the field, I masterfully combine compelling visuals with strategic design to elevate brand identities.

I began my journey in brand strategy about five years ago when I founded my own branding agency. Since then, I’ve been working with founders to bring their brands to life, transforming them into real businesses through digital experiences and comprehensive identity overhauls. My expertise lies in taking market-tested products and elevating their aesthetics to make brands more competitive and attract the perfect consumer, ultimately increasing brand equity. Elevating brand equity is one of branding’s most powerful abilities, and it’s a key focus of mine.

My Inspiration

My passion for marketing and brands drives me. I love working with founders to grow their ideas and see them become reality. Each brand speaks to a specific niche, and that's what excites me the most.

Core Values

Discipline and creativity are at the heart of my work. As a triathlete, I have developed a strong sense of discipline, which I apply to my client projects. Combining discipline with creativity is essential for successful brand strategy.

Unique Approach

I possess a deep knowledge of branding and a distinct, elevated aesthetic that clients appreciate. My unique vision and art direction resonate well with brands looking for a standout identity. I strive to maintain a casual, comfortable relationship with my clients, fostering a partnership atmosphere.

Industries and Experience

I have worked extensively in hospitality, coffee brands, and consumer packaged goods (CPG). I am eager to expand into the sports industry and fashion retail. Additionally, I am inspired by the works of Peter Rams and contemporary Latin American art, which influence my approach to design and branding.

Staying Current

I stay active and always keep up with the latest trends and new projects in the industry to ensure my strategies are cutting-edge.

Beyond Work

When I’m not working on brand strategies, I love practicing for Ironman 70.3 races. I recently got married, and I enjoy my life in Chicago, a city that’s become home. Summers here are a delight, and I relish biking around the city and attending baseball games of both the Sox and the Cubs. Additionally, I have a deep love for documentary photography.